Queen Yenasi

Queen of the Royal Empire


Race: Elf
Residence: The Imperial City

Yenasi, if the coins bearing her countenance are to be believed, is a beautiful elf woman with a regal, but youthful countenance. Very few of her subjects have ever seen their Queen in person, so no one really knows what she looks like. In fact, it’s doubtful that she would be recognized if she walked down the street.


The current queen is an elf woman named Yenasi of Teliana, whose family line (the Teliana, Elven for Spring Dawn) has controlled The Royal Empire for the last five hundred years. Yenasi is a trained Crown Mage who holds the rank of Illuminated Master, opting to progress no further in so as to not interfere with her duties as queen. Her beauty is legendary, and her age is unknown (an elf’s age is notoriously hard to estimate, even for other elves).

Yenasi, in a clever political maneuver, married the prince of an assimilated human kingdom. Prince Andor of Turvis would have been next in line to his family’s throne, had the Empire not taken his kingdom fifty years ago, the same year he was born. The Province of Turvis (formerly the Turvian Kingdom) would have been prone to rebellion had the queen not chosen their prince as her husband. Not only will this keep the Turvs quiet, but Andor’s short life compared to Yenasi means that she will be free to marry again when he dies in a few short decades, making this a win-win situation with very little commitment on her part.

Very few people even know the name of their Queen, and are only vaguely familiar with her appearance thanks to her visage being stamped on every coin the Empire mints. So distanced from her subjects is she (especially those living along the Expanse) that few can name a single thing she has done, instead attributing all policies of the Empire as a whole to The Crown.

This is the biggest criticism that can be mounted on the Queen: she is so separated from those she governs that she is drastically out-of-touch with their moods and opinions, and is thus prone to making elementary mistakes such as imposing new taxes across the entire empire rather than introducing them tactfully, province-by-province. These kinds of oblivious mistakes contribute to anti-government sentiment, although typically it comes to nothing more than discontented rumblings before people forget.

Yenasi has given birth to two children: Prince Jurden and Princess Caopi. Currently, Jurden (who is the elder of the two by five years) is favored to succeed Yenasi, though in truth Yenasi’s long life means that her reign may continue past the deaths of her two half-elf children.

Queen Yenasi

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