Lord Amov Hallandar

Patron and employer.


Race: Human
Residence: Emerald City

Lord Hallandar is a small, plump, and jovial man. His hair has retreated to a narrow band along the sides of his head, although he doesn’t seem to pay it much mind. He’s rarely seen without a smile, and is never seen wearing anything but the finest clothes and jewelry.


Amov Hallandar was born to a middle-class family who, several generations ago, had laid claim to a noble title, but had since lost their lands, fortune, and good name. However, the young Amov could do nothing but good: he fell in love with and married an elf named Arideth. Shortly thereafter, with some shrewd planning, he was soon in possession of a diamond mining company.

While everything was going fine, however, he sold his mines and got out of the industry on his wife’s counsel. This proved to be a wise choice: shortly thereafter, the mines ran dry and cost a lot of people a lot of money.

With a lot of money and his family’s name reinstated, he began investing his money in making more money. He now owns a large shipping company which runs supplies and goods from the colonies along the Expanse to the Empire and back. It’s doing well enough for him to sit back and enjoy the comforts of high society with his wife.

He recently ran into trouble in acquiring an old family heirloom: a sword that is said to contain great magical potential, although of exactly what kind he is elusive. Several reclamation teams went missing before he hired the crew of the Squid to investigate. It was soon revealed that drow had taken an interest in finding the sword and were most likely responsible for the deaths of his men. They were being fed information from the inside: his wife, Arideth, was keeping them informed of Hallandar’s operations.

The crew of the squid managed to retrieve Hallandar’s sword and gave it to him in a meeting at Junpaart. They were attacked by Arideth and managed to kill her. Hallandar is, as of now, unaware of his beloved wife’s fate.

Lord Amov Hallandar

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