"Gentleman" Johnny Marcone

Crime lord and ruler of Junpaart


Race: Human
Residence: Junpaart

Johnny Marcone is a man in command. He is nearly always seen in an expensive tailored suit and holding a notepad, which he periodically takes notes in. He has a thin, sharp face and short, black hair that’s graying around the sides. He has dark rings around his eyes, which are the flat gray of a well-worn silver coin, and a pair of spectacles usually rest on his nose or in his pocket.


Gentleman Johnny is often referred to as “the devil.” His origins are unknown, although many suspect he was born poor and clawed his way up to where he is now through sheer cunning. Stories and myths of his rise to power abound, however, and none of them are distinguishable from the truth.

Whatever the case, Marcone now rules Junpaart with an iron fist. He deals in illegal items of all shapes and sizes, be they slaves, drugs, or legitimate goods that are more profitable to smuggle past the Empire than pay their taxes.

No one gets out of Junpaart who doesn’t belong to the Gentleman. His usual tactic is to offer a gift or service with no cost attached. It is only when he comes calling on a return favor that his new employee realizes that they couldn’t see any strings attached because they had fallen into a spider’s web.

Marcone makes sure his employees owe him something, since people are easier to control if you have something to hold over their heads. In addition, he’s always looking to expand his influence by bribing or intimidating more and more Royal officials. At his current rate of expansion, he could end up owning half the coast in his lifetime.

After a botched job involving a cargo hold full of dwarven mosswine and port security at Saint Elix’s harbor, the crew of the Squid now owe Johnny Marcone 50,000 gold. He’s been content to allow the debt to hang over their heads so far, and has accepted several gifts as interest payments.

Though he intentionally keeps what they owe him nebulous, the party has paid off roughly half their debt with the money they made from returning Lord Amov Hallandar’s ancestral sword to him.

"Gentleman" Johnny Marcone

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