Fenrir Esjborn

Druid of the Northern Seas


HP: 87
AC: 21

Lvl 10 Human Druid
Str: 16
Dex: 18
Con: 17
Int: 14
Wis: 18
Cha: 14

Fort: +10
Ref: +7
Will: +11

Druid Spells
Wild Shape Forms
Summon Nature’s Ally Table

Fenrir is a big Nordic blooded man. He stand roughly 6’4 and weighs 245 lbs, 32 years old. He has long dark hair reaching back to his shoulders and a thick black beard around his mouth that he started wearing a few years ago. He has strong blue eyes and thick eyebrows. The large druid has a scar next to his right eye and three long scars across his chest. Fenrir wears dark hide pants and thick leather boots. He has thick Mammoth Leather armor and a dark brown cloak falls from his shoulders, a small clasp depicting ocean waves holding the cloak in place. He wears finned gauntlets that aid him in swimming, as well as a ring of water-breathing with the image of two circling sharks around the band. On Fenrir’s biceps are Metal armbands with the symbols of lighting bolts on them, giving his weapons a magical shock property. He has a simple brown travelers pack with various essentials as well as pouches on his belt. Around his neck is a leather necklace with a large predators tooth. Around his right wrist is a leather bracelet with small bone carvings of different animals on them, as well as one carving with a man holding a woman with long hair to his chest in embrace. Fenrir is extremely protective of this bracelet and will guard it ferociously. Fenrir has a Kukri on his waist, a bow on his back that is made to shoot better underwater, throwing axes at his belt, a huge sword with the insignia of a bear claw on his back rising over his right shoulder, and a large harpoon that he has retrofitted as a spear. With a command word the Harpoon shrinks down to a wooden handle only a foot long that he keeps at his belt along with a 30ft line of rope. He also has a Greatspear with the same magical property, also hooked on his belt. Fenrir travels with his companion and close friend, Urso the Polar Bear.



Fenrir Esjborn was born into a Nordic warrior culture. As a young boy of no less than 7 years old, Fenrir was brought along on a raiding party into the Northern Seas, as was customary for the young men of his society. The raiders were exploring new lands further north and came upon lands that were both beautiful and plentiful in resources. A mix of barren ice, massive glaciers, thick forests, and tall snowy mountains with abundant forest and sea life. Upon encountering the nomadic hunting tribes native to where they landed, the raiders began to slaughter the native inhabitants to take the land for themselves. Fenrir was presented with a sword and told to kill one of the young children of the tribe. Fenrir dropped the sword and refused. He was beaten and left for dead as the raiders moved further up the coast. Another tribe, one of the larger ones in the region, came upon the sight of the destroyed village, investigating the smoke from the fires. The tribe’s greatest warrior and hunter, Noden, found Fenrir amongst the dead and saved his life. The native tribes wore animal hide and wielded spears, harpoons, and bows. Although they remained primitive they were fierce and skilled warriors with strong ties to the nature spirits. The tribes banned together to face the raiders and killed them to a man in an ambush at the next village. Fenrir was raised by Noden as one of the tribe and grew to call them family. As Fenrir grew he became a strong man. He was taller and stronger than the others and had much fairer skin, but he was one of them.

Next to his right eye is a scar from battling a Saber-Toothed Tiger. On his chest is three long scars from an Allosaurus that thought to take the mammoth his hunting party had just killed. They chased the beast away but not before two hunters were killed and Fenrir was left with a great scar. Fenrir was raised to honor the spirits of nature and to respect the great seas. The tribe was also a very skilled fishing culture that took canoes made of bone and animal hide and used them to harpoon seals and whales in the ice flows, as well as netting fish. The sea provided great bounty and was an important part of their culture. The tribe had an extremely strong connection to nature and the seas. Especially the animal spirits they deem the greatest. This includes the bear, the whale, the wolf, the mammoth, and the Saber-Toothed Tiger. The great predators are to be respected and revered, and the great herbivores are to be thanked and honored for providing their life force to the people and rewarding them for their hunting skill.

Fenrir would fall in love with the chiefs daughter, Evelyn, and they would soon marry. Evelyn had brown hair and beautiful light blue eyes. Her smile was just as beautiful as her face and showed her intelligence. At the time they were both in their early twenties and they fell deeply and fully in love with each-other. It would not be long before they gave birth to two strong twin children; a boy named Baldor and a girl named Jessica. Baldor was born with blonde hair and Jessica black, both with bright blue eyes. Life was peaceful and all was well in Fenrir’s life. He was 28 and had a beautiful wife, two healthy 7 year old children, and was now the chief of the tribe, leading his people in a life a peace and prosperity. This peace would not last though, and trouble was sailing over the horizon…

It was a cold day and snow was beginning to fall, adding to the thin layer already blanketing the forest floor. Fenrir was tracking a large stag Branta with the help of one of the tribes wolf-dogs. The white and grey canine raised his nose and sniffed at the cold air, picking up the trail. Fenrir had been following the young male Branta for 3 days now and was getting close. As they moved further into the mountains they came upon a flat hill with an open grove through the trees. The beast was grazing on the trees surrounding the meadow. The big dog lets out a low grumble in his chest, his ancestral wolf predator instincts kicking in. Fenrir lowers his hand to the dog, commanding him to stay down and stay quiet and the dog obeys, remembering his training. Fenrir watches the Branta, observing its position and movements, forming a strategy. This horselike creature has a long neck and thick, powerful legs, which seem to end in clublike feet. The top of its head is a massive ridge of bone, ending in two parallel nose-horns. Its neck and shoulders are corded with muscle. Brantas are feet-footed herbivores preyed upon by many Northern creatures. Surefooted and sturdy, they bolt when they sense danger. No one has succeeded in domesticating brantas, but both orcs and dragons have walled in branta herds by blocking off mountain valleys to trap them. Branta flesh is a tight, light-hued, nourishing meat. Found wandering in all but the rockiest or most dense forest terrain, brantas prefer to munch on high vegetation, where their raised heads can survey their surroundings.

The Branta that Fenrir is hunting will provide a good serving of meat for the 30 or so member tribe. After surveying the situation, Fenrir lets out a low whistle and the dog obeys, stealth-fully moving through the woods and making his way around the meadow to the other side where the Branta is. Fenrir grips his big Harpoon spear with both hands, gripping hard on the thick wooden shaft. He waits 10 minutes or so, giving the dog time to get in position. Feeling it has been enough time, he makes a loud hawk call. Suddenly the dog is heard barking and growling on the other side of the meadow and the Branta bolts towards Fenrir’s side, the dog close on its heals. As the branta gets closer Fenrir waits behind a thick bush. It runs towards him as the dog bites at its flanks. When it gets within 30 feet Fenrir rises above the bush and throws the spear, landing it in the beasts chest causing it to collapse. He bent down and prayed to the animals spirits, thanking this one for its’ sacrifice so he and his family may eat before piercing its heart with his knife, granting it the mercy of a quick death. Fenrir pet the dog, smiling at the faithful friend. As he cut up portions of the meat to carry back he let the dog feast on a portion of the meat. Fenrir began traveling back to the tribe and it was a long journey back, a day of travel; two if the weather picked up. Fenrir decided to take an extra day and get a good nights rest. As he neared the village he saw smoke rising above the trees. Dropping his pack he began running towards camp. As he neared he suddenly came upon two men. These men were wearing metal and leather armor with horned helmets and long beards. The men saw him stumble out of the woods and charged him. Fenrir grabbed his knife and managed to jump to the side as the men rushed him. The closest one whirled around, drawing a sword. Fenrir ducked under a horizontal swing and lunged into the man with his knife, getting him in the torso through his leather. The big knife went deep and the man fell. Fenrir caught the sword as it was falling and parried the blade of the next man and spun around, slashing him across the chest. The man screamed and charged Fenrir with his shield, knocking him over. Just before he stuck with his sword the dog jumped at the mans arm biting hard. The man whirled in pain trying to shake the dog off and Fenrir took the chance to get up and plunge the sword into the mans lower back. He thanked the dog earnestly and ran to the tribe, picking up a wooden round shield from one of the fallen men.

He knew who these men were, the memories clawed at him from the back of his mind and he could never forget. Now they were back, and all he could think about was his family. He had to get there in time. Fenrir ran as fast as his legs would carry him and came out of the woods running full speed. He stumbled out into the camp and found all the huts on fire, including his families. Fenrir dropped his weapons to the ground, screaming in agony. He was too late. Bodies covered the ground of people he had lived with his entire life, slaughtered. He couldn’t find his family, but the whole camp was a massacre. If they were in the hut they would have been burnt alive. Fenrir followed the tracks of the men who did this to the shore and looked out, seeing a ship beginning to sail away. Hate filled his eyes, the pain of loss, everything he had ever loved gone, killed by these men… the rage that filled him brought forth a thirst for vengeance, for retribution, he hungered for their blood. He told the dog he was free and sent him off. The dog whined and sat watching him get into a canoe, rowing out into chase as clouds gathered over the icy seas, bringing rain and lightning with them. Swells and ocean waves splashed against him and his small ship but Fenrir was experienced in these seas and his small boat would go faster than theirs this close to shore. Clouds covered the sky and lightning reigned down from the heavens. Fenrir caught up to the viking ship, and seeing a side of the ship had a temporary thin patch over a whole in the side, he cut through it and climbed into the bottom level of the ship, the noise from the storm covering his entrance. Fenrir tumbled into the ships interior, drenched in the freezing salt waters of the sea. He sat on his hands and knees, panting as the water dropped from his long hair. He lifted his eyes and surveyed the ship. It was dark and the sound of the waves echoed around him, he could hear the rowers on the top deck grunting with effort. Barrels and boxes and rope was scattered all around. Weapons covered the walls and chains hung from the ceiling. It smelled of death and foul hi-gene. Fenrir stood and slowly walked to the stairs in the middle of the ship. He slowly drew the sword. It gleamed as lightning filled the sky, illuminating everything in view of the stairs. Two men started rushing down the stairs, Fenrir hid next to the staircase. As they reached the bottom he plunged the blade into the first mans chest, teeth gritted, rage in his heart as all else their had been taken. He pulled the blade out, spinning to the left in a full circle before the second man could react to the shock. As he continued the circle, moving to the side of the men the swing came full around and hit the second man in the back of the neck, severing his spine. It had happened in a mere moment. His pulse was beating wildly. Fenrir slowly moved up the stairs, they creaked below his feet but not loud enough to overcome the waves of the storm. He peered over the top and saw roughly thirty men rowing against the storm, grunting all the while at the task. One man stood at the front looking forward, barking orders in a strange but familiar language to those behind him. Fenrir readied himself, breathing slowly, this would be his last moments in the world of life after all. He would see his family soon. Adrenaline pumped through his veins like the flash flood through a canyon.
“Blade, be true this day. Obad-Hai give me the strength, to die well.”
Fenrir let out a battle cry and ran forward, killing the first two men before they new what was happening. As he slashed his way forward men jumped to grabbing weapons. Fenrir killed 2 more before they were up and tried to bull rush to the captain but didn’t make it. The men stabbed and cut at him until he dropped. Fenrir sat on his knees, blood running down his arms, leg and chest. The men held him fast by the arms as the captain walked up grinning through yellow teeth. Speaking in common he says “Do you want to kill me boy.” Fenrir slowly lifted his head and, vision fading, replied “I’m GOING to kill you.” Suddenly Fenrir’s eyes began to glow with a fierce green light and his head flew back in a scream as blue light illuminated him, streaming down through the clouds. The men holding him jumped back and Fenrir slammed his fist into the ground, causing fire to blast out from all sides disintegrating the men into nothingness. The captain stood alone as the only man alive, Fenrir stood to join him, eyes glowing green with divine energy from the heavens. He lifted his arms and the wood from the deck began to levitate as huge waves of water lifted high up above the ship, swirling at his command “What in the name of Odin is going on!!!!” the viking screamed. “Not Odin.” Fenrir replied. Then he lifted his arms above him and lightning struck them, gathering around his arms and he lunged his arms forward sending the lightning into the man, blasting him apart in a spray of blood. Fenrir blacked out and the water and wood dropped back down as the ship began to fall apart.

Fenrir awoke in a blur, he was dizzy and could hardly move. He had lost a lot of blood. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t remember what happened on the ship. He was on a beach shore of dark rocks. Then his memories struck him like a punch in the face. He remembered what happened, but didn’t know how, it was definitely not a power he brought to bare. What happened? He could feel his life leaving him slowly. It was then he hears the moan of a wounded animal. A bear it seemed. He looked up on saw a polar bear, spear in its side. The spear was of the viking raiders. “They will not have you too.” Fenrir limped best he could over to the bear. The great beast moaned in distress. Fenrir took the small throwing spear and quickly pulled it out. The bear roared at him, rising to all fours, left paw limping. Fenrir collapsed. The bear came over and sniffed his head. Suddenly a elven man came riding out of the woods on a Saber-Toothed cat in forest garb. He had a mystic feel about him. He started coming up to Fenrir when the bear stood up and roared at the elf, intending to protect Fenrir. The elf looked surprised. With a wave of his arm the bear calmed and went to sleep.

Fenrir’s eyes closed as the elf jumped off his mount. When he awoke 3 days later his wounds had been tended and he was in a Druid camp. When the elf walked in Fenrir raised his sword, shaking uncontrollably. The elf touched the blade slowly and it disintegrated. “You may come from the same blood, but you are not one of them Fenrir.” The elf he saw turned out to be a powerful druid. He explained that Fenrir’s wife came to him, dying with their children. With her last breath she asked to see them to safety so he sent them with a traveling family of elves, one a powerful wizard, to raise them safely in an elven city. Fenrir was relieved, although he would probably never see them again he knew they were safe, a piece of his love here in the world. The druid guided him to his wifes body. He spent his last moments with the love of his life their, mourning for nearly 2 days, crying at her body. He delicately took the bracelet he made her off her wrist. It was a charm bracelet with bone carvings of different animals. It seemed she added a carving of her own, a large man holding a woman with long hair in his arms. The womans eyes were painted blue. Tears fell from his eyes at the memory of her. He kissed her one last time. He wanted to see her eyes, the eyes her loved, one last time; but he knew they wouldn’t be same, not without the intelligent spark of life within them, her inner beauty flaming beneath the surface. The druid helped him make a pyre and burn her under the moonlight. The polar bear seemed to also be in the camp, his wounds healed he came up to Fenrir, moaning in shared sympathy. Fenrir could’t help but smile as he rubbed the fur of this mighty creature. The druid offered Fenrir to leave this life behind, and join the Druidic Order, so that he could protect nature and prevent this from happening to anyone else, but on the condition he vowed to not blame others for the crimes committed by these vikings and to judge them each by their own actions. Fenrir looked at Evelyn’s fire with a heavy heart, and agreed the elfs offer. The elf told him the incident on the ship was the work of Obad-Hai who had seen his life and his plight and use him as th instrument of natures will, and natures fury. Fenrir had it in him to become a great druid.

The druid taught him for 3 years, and Fenrir learned the ways of a druid much faster than is expected. His trusted polar bear Urso now became a life-long friend and companion. The most important lessons the druid taught him were of balance, of fighting with the drive to protect that which you love, not the thirst for the blood of that you hate, in your heart; and that all men, no matter where they come from, are to be judged by their actions and qualities. After those 3 years they went separate ways and Fenrir became a solitary druid of the northern regions, protection forest, seas, and mountains alike, traveling far and wide. He traveled for a year and became a very powerful druid. He was 32 now and had grown a thick beard. One day in the lower forest of the region he traveled, amongst civilized life, he ran into a group of Githzerai.

The Githzerai and the Githyanki were once one race referred to as The People. They were thralls, slaves to the Illithids, or Mind Flayers, and were completely subservient for many years. Zerthimon, one of The People and now a God-like figure to the Githzerai, was the first of The People to gain true self-awareness and resistance to the mental shackles of the illithids. He made others aware of their predicament and showed them how to resist the illithids as well. The process was kept underground for a great time until enough of the People were turned that a full-scale uprising against the illithids was staged. The People were victorious, destroying the last vestiges of the illithid empire (some say the most powerful empire to ever exist in the multiverse) upon the Blasted Plains.
It was in the light of this victory that Gith, a warrior-queen and leader of the rebellion, declared that The People would not rest until they had discovered and destroyed all remaining illithids in the multiverse; then, the People would be free to conquer all of the planes of existence and bring war to all other races. Many of the people’s hearts shared this goal. Zerthimon argued that The People already knew freedom and should begin to mend the damage done to their race. He too expressed a goal that was in the hearts of many of the People. Still, Gith insisted that hers was the only path and that they would be “under the same sky” in the matter.

Zerthimon then told Gith that there “cannot be two skies”. This became known as the Pronouncement of Two Skies, a declaration of war that splintered the People into the races of githyanki and githzerai. Battle was waged on the Blasted Plains, and the githyanki retreated to the Astral Sea while the Githzerai withdrew to the chaos of Limbo. The two races have remained enemies ever since.

Sometimes Gethzerai form groups called Rrakkama, which are hunting parties meant to track and slay their former enslavers, Mind Flayers. This was one of such groups, and one of the Githzerai, Madori, asked Fenrir to help them track a powerful one in the region as the local druid. Fenrir helped them track the Flayer and after 3 days of pursuit they came across the creatures layer. Madori had been a good companion, and Urso liked him which was generally enough to make a good impression on Fenrir, but he didn’t want to get in the middle of a fight in which he had no part, especially with such a powerful foe. He would learn later, and was saddened when he did, that the Rrakkama was destroyed.

Weeks later, while traveling the mountains Urso suddenly began running up after sniffing the air. Fenrir chased calling his named. When they came over a hill they saw Madori about to jump off a cliff. It seemed the Flayer had killed the woman he loved and done terrible things to her, leaving him alive to suffer. Not only that, but the illiad crystallized Madori’s memory of her face and ripped the image from his brain. Fenrir thought back to his own love, the love he lost and could not save. He was not so different from this Githzerai. Empathy and painful memories swelled in his heart. Maybe he could help this pour soul to find the vengeance he needed, and then to move past it as he did. Fenrir vowed that if Madori didn’t jump, he would help him become stronger and find items of power that could aid them become more powerful, and that he would help him find a kill the mind flayer that hurt him so. Madari, heavy with grief, and hungry for vengeance, agreed and backed down from the mountain. After traveling together for some time they learned more about each-others past and Fenrir told Madori about his own experiences. Amidst their travels the companions decided the best way to acquire fighting experience and powerful items would be to join a pirate ship. As they traveled together Madori began drinking, trying to cope with the pain. Fenrir considered intervening, but it was not his place and he knew that pain all too well, let the man cope in any way he can. They later decided to sail to the Expanse, a new world where the items and experience they were seeking would be plentiful. They would eventually find their way to a tavern on the coast infamous for up and coming pirates.

In the tavern the two met a young Water Mephling, a outsider from the plane of water. The small fellow was very kind and seeking adventure as he had just become an adult amongst his people. Overhearing us talk about the ship he asked if he could come along. He was friendly and delightful company so the friends obliged him. The three of them stayed at the tavern that night to rest and prepare supplies and then met up to meet the captain, someone who was once of great repute but apparently lost his ship, a captain by the name of Bloodlung…

Fenrir Esjborn

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