Arideth Hallandar

The Assassin


Race: Elf

Arideth is a mysterious figure: a beautiful, pale elf girl with long white hair and flawless skin. She wears a cloak that seems to shift in hue to blend in with the environment, and her movements are always as graceful as they are precise. Her targets only rarely get more than a single look at her before she guts them, vanishing before an alarm can even be raised.


Arideth Hallandar’s history is unknown. She married Lord Amov Hallandar twenty years ago, and he credits her for most of his success. They apparently enjoyed a happy marriage that entire time, with him relying on her for support and advice, although she appears to have been planted there in advance.

When Hallandar began searching for his family’s ancestral sword, Arideth fed information to drow agents seeking the same weapon. Her motives for allying herself with her race’s most hated enemies are unclear. Using her information, the drow were able to anticipate Hallandar’s movements and ambush his men with ease.

Arideth has not been faithful to her husband, although he doesn’t know it. She has been carrying on an intimate relationship with a handsome drow mage for an unknown period of time, although more information about him has yet to be uncovered. He appears to be an accomplished spellcaster of some kind, and appears to be acting as her support.

Arideth was first encountered by the crew of the Squid on a small jungle island after she and several drow butchered the caretakers of Lord Hallandar’s vacation house. As soon as the party spotted her, she leapt out a window and fled into the jungle. When Fenrir Esjbourn attempted to track her, they were led through a sniper-infested jungle for five hours before she gave them the slip.

When the party next made port up north in Flundspoor, she was waiting for them and attempted to kill them, severely wounding Captain Bloodlung before Olaf broke her jaw and she fled. Since then, she made several attempts on their life, including one in an alley in Junpaart, one when they were leaving Junpaart, and once on the streets of Junpaart shortly after they turned over Hallandar’s sword to him.

The last attempt would prove fatal to her: she was pinned and ripped apart by ferocious bears summoned by Fenrir, who then laid her to rest in the hills above Junpaart with a warrior’s funeral pyre.

It apparently didn’t take, however. The crew of the Screeching Raven were alerted to her by a barkeep who assumed she was Fenrir’s lover. A quick divination later and they learned the truth: she was alive and still hunting them.

Arideth made an attempt on Fenrir’s life in Junpaart, but he was saved by Midori’s presence. After being badly injured, she teleported away to a hotel on the other end of town.

Arideth Hallandar

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