Scarlet Corsair's ship mage


Aenna is the name usually applied to Sir Kandor’s tense, skittish shadow. She typically wears a cloak with the hood up and pulled over her eyes. She never looks anyone in the eye, only following directly behind Kandor. Her delicate features are dark, placing her heritage as being from the far Eastern reaches of the Empire. A spell component pouch on her belt has revealed her to be a spellcaster of some kind.


Aenna is another member of Mad Molly’s crew aboard The Scarlet Corsair. Her loyalty, however, appears to lie entirely to Sir Kandor. Molly considers her a valuable shipboard mage, and since Kandor is loyal to her, Aenna is loyal by extension.

Aenna never speaks or looks anyone in the eye. She only ever follows directly behind Kandor like a shadow. The only time she’s ever been known to speak is when directly prompted by him, and even then in as few words as possible.

The relationship between the two is currently unknown even by Molly. He claims that they’re married, an assertion she halfheartedly endorses when prompted, but their relationship is not that of a husband and wife. She is always tense and jumps every time Kandor moves, and the crew of the Corsair can confirm that they sleep apart.

However, no other plausible explanation has yet been fielded. She’s clearly not being kept imprisoned by him, as she’s had ample opportunity to escape or betray him and hasn’t: indeed, she’s risked her life defending his before. The two are clearly not friends, either: Kandor usually ignores her and she seems almost terrified of him. Nevertheless, they make an effective team and are a valuable part of Molly’s crew.


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