Pirates of the Expanse

Session 1

Meet and Greet; a Botched Job

The campaign started in the port city of Blackmire. There, at a hole in the ground called the Sailor’s Dive, Captain Bloodlung and his first mate, Olaf, were looking for a new crew. They met three men who fit the bill: a druid named Fenrir, a mephling warlock named Tal, and a githzerai monk named Midori.

With a good crew now on their payroll, they stole a caravel and named it the Squid. The crew, hearing rumors that “Gentleman” Johnny Marcone might have work for the likes of them, set sail northward for Junpaart.

When they arrived, they met Marcone’s sarcastic butler, Austelle, who showed them in with great distaste. Marcone, it turned out, did have work for them, smuggling a large quantity of illegal mosswine into the heavily-guarded Saint Elix’s Harbor. The crew agreed to the job and took the wine north.

When they arrived in the city, they were greeted with a customs official named Paodul, who took their names and asked to see their cargo. Upon sighting the mosswine, he didn’t make any apparent moves, and most of the crew believed they’d gotten away with it. Captain Bloodlung, however, was uneasy.

His unease proved correct: while he and most of the others were out meeting Marcone’s contact within the city, Olaf and Urso were approached at the ship by three Royal Paladins, as well as a platoon of guards. The paladins forced the berserker and the bear to retreat before seizing the ship and cargo.

With the wine lost, the crew laid low in a warehouse for the day before making a daring raid on their ship that night. There was only a skeleton crew aboard: a guard, a Crown Mage, and a Royal Paladin. They were overcome without too much difficulty, and after summoning the rest of the deckhands from nearby, the crew sailed into the night.



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