Welcome to the Expanse!

t’s not much, but it’s home. Cut off from the globe-spanning Empire your forefathers came from, your ancestors were left on the coast of a brand new continent to fend for themselves…save for the occasional Royal tax collector or magistrate in charge of keeping the Crown’s hold on their colonies strong.

Other than that, you’re on your own. Many maintain their old bonds of loyalty, working hard days for an honest day’s wages…minus what the Crown takes and sends back across the ocean. Some enterprising individuals form great companies, filling the needs of an empire and its colonies, be that shipping, production, or something else altogether.

And then there are pirates. With such riches and so little law enforcement, the atmosphere is just ripe for all manner of sea vermin to flourish. From the most common thugs aboard a caravel to the most infamous scourges of the seas, great treasure and immortal fame await those bold enough to seize it…and a watery grave awaits those unskilled enough to hold it.

So fasten your weapons and grab a hawser, we sail at first light!

Pirates of the Expanse

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