The Smoke Knights

Reliable information about the mysterious Smoke Knights is hard to come by. They enjoy a fearsome reputation as The Crown’s strong right hand, taking command of a situation that has the monarch’s personal interest.

Very little is actually known for sure about the Smoke Knights. They are highly skilled agents of some kind, and it is said that the queen’s great-grandfather once defeated their leader in a battle of wits, thus earning their eternal loyalty to his bloodline.

Shadowbane inquisitor

The crew of the Raven has encountered a Smoke Knight in combat only once, when he proved an adept defender and more than a match for Captainn Quin ‘Blood Lung’, Tal Windwalker, and Fenrir Esjborn, using mind controlling magic to keep them divided while he went to work with his falchion. Spells and arrows alike were shrugged aside like water.

The group managed to escape when Bloodlung used Princess Caopi as a hostage, threatening to kill her if he didn’t let them go. The Smoke Knight grudgingly agreed, promising bloody vengeance if any harm came to her.

Since then, Smoke Knights have crossed paths with the crew of the Raven several times, most recently when a vacuous-looking woman introduced herself as a Smoke Knight dispatched to protect Fenrir. She succeeded in luring the assassin out into the open, but she escaped yet again.

When Fenrir was attempting to scry his guardian the next day, he accidentally revealed her true identity: a tiger-headed humanoid the group identified as a rakshasa. It is fair to assume that all Smoke Knights are rakshasas, a secret they guard with their lives. This would account for various previously-unexplained abilities Smoke Knights have demonstrated.

When Fenrir met with the Knight, she apparently read him as easily as if he’d told her what he knew. Her expression darkened, and she stalked away, leaving with the ominous words, “No one has ever learned the secrets of the Smoke Knight clan, and no one ever will.”

The Smoke Knights

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