The Royal Empire

The Royal Empire. Perhaps no being on the entire planet has failed to hear of this globe-spanning government. Founded some thousand years ago across the Expanse, the Royal Empire was initially only a small tribe of elves. They slowly began expanding their grasp, using ancient spellcasting knowledge and martial prowess to dominate their neighbors.

Soon, an entire country was under the dominance of the normally-fractious elves. Never before had the other nations seen a true alliance of elves, and nation after nation swiftly came under elven control. The elves, while demanding fealty and organization, were at least fair rulers. This, combined with their ability to quash any rebellions swiftly and efficiently, led to their lands growing swiftly.

Human nations swore to the Crown, then the hobgoblin hordes finally bowed to its power. Plains-dwelling nomads came under the Crown’s rule, then the giants, and even stranger, more exotic civilizations from distant lands. Each brought its culture to the Empire, as well as their unique military strategies.

Today, the Imperial Navy is considered by many to be the backbone of the Crown’s power. Fully willing to employ all the techniques and styles from all the various elements of the Empire, Imperial Wingships bearing the most skilled soldiers on the planet enforce the Crown’s will anywhere on the globe.

One of the Navy’s primary roles is to ferry the Imperial Army to where they need to go. Due to a large standing army and extensive logistical preparations ready at all times, the Imperial Army can be deployed in force to anywhere on the planet within a month.

Royal justice is swift and difficult to avoid. The Crown Mages use advanced methods including scrying and other divinations to stay abreast of emerging threats, as well as tracking down extremely high-profile troublemakers. The average criminal isn’t worthy of their attention, but revolutionaries or infamous pirates have been brought low by their methods before.

The Empire is, at its heart, a feudal system: a monarch (either male or female) sits at the top, wielding absolute power. This power is tempered by an extensive court of nobles owing allegiance to the monarch, many of whom are powerful enough, if not to openly challenge the monarch, to make their wishes manifest.

The Crown is often resented by its subjects for the way it hands down dictates (seemingly) without considering how it might affect people, or introduces new taxes and gives people very little say in the decision-making. At its heart, however, the system is more or less fair: inescapable indentured servitude is uncommon, and individual expression is relatively free. Things could certainly be worse.

The Royal Empire

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