The Omniscient is the most powerful individual in The Crown Mages and one of the most powerful individuals in the world. The Omniscient answers only to The Crown, and even then exercises his or her own will freely in many areas.

The Omniscient is responsible for safeguarding the royal family and acting as an adviser on all things, both magical and mundane. Many kings and queens have attributed their wise decisions and foresight to the counsel of their Omniscient.

In extremely rare cases (usually in dire emergencies), the Omniscient can act as the Crown’s personal emissary and field commander. The Omniscient’s orders supersede any other individual’s, including a general or an admiral.

The Omniscient serves for life or until he or she retires. They can be fired by the Crown, but this has only happened twice in history, and both for major betrayals that also resulted in the disgraced Omniscient’s execution.

It is worth noting that since the Omniscient is picked not by his or her peers but by appointment, it is possible that the better-qualified mage might be passed up for political or personal reasons. Resentments have occurred in the past for this reason, with an Omniscient unqualified for the job butting heads with the Council of Elders that he (in name) commands.

The current Omniscient is an ancient elf named Ilnor the Wise, a mighty wizard of incredible power and intellect. How long he’s been alive is unclear, but the first texts that reference him date from five hundred years ago, which places his age at over six hundred years: ancient even by elf standards.

The Omniscient is always at least 15th level, and usually eclipses even an Elder. The current Omniscient’s exact power is a mystery to all but him, but he is at least 20th level.


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