Illuminated Master

An Illuminated Master is a prestigious rank within The Crown Mages, not normally achievable by any Mage within their lifetime. Masters are selected by a council of Elders, who convene to discuss who is eligible for this rare promotion.

An Illuminated Master’s resume must be long and prestigious, with a history of distinguished service and unique discoveries. There are only ever twenty-five Masters in existence at once, and currently only one is human. The remaining twenty-four are all elves, since the requirements to become a Master are so exacting that few races can manage it in their lifetimes.

Illuminated Masters are the group that the Elders select their numbers from. Very occasionally, an Illuminated Master is eligible for direct promotion to Omniscient, since the Crown appoints that position, but such a case is exceedingly rare, since the council would regard it as a dire insult.

Illuminated Masters are extremely rare to encounter. Since they have distinguished themselves so thoroughly, they are rarely called upon by the organization for anything but the direst circumstances.

A typical Illuminated Master is at least 13th level.

Illuminated Master

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