Elders are the highest tier of wizards in The Crown Mages. There exists at one time only six Elders, who form a council to determine the policies of the Crown Mages and advise the Crown on current matters.

The council makes it its business to know everything that is going on in the world and beyond it, and are frequently aware of upcoming conflicts and civil wars before they have begun, thus ensuring that the Royal Empire maintains its hold on its colonies. In rare cases, planar events that threaten the Material Plane are anticipated and prepared for.

The Council of Elders are the highest self-selecting group among the Crown Mages, choosing their numbers from among the Illuminated Masters in their ranks. However, they answer to the Omniscient, who is selected directly by the Crown. The Crown nearly always selects an existing Elder to serve as the Omniscient, since to choose a lower-ranking Mage would be a grave insult to the council’s judgment. When an Elder is promoted to Omniscient, the council selects a new member just as if they’d lost one to age or retirement.

The typical Elder is at least 15th level, though they are almost never encountered in person.


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