Apprentices are the most junior members of The Crown Mages, having just been promoted from their training.

The typical Apprentice has been in a Crown Mage Academy for twenty years, having been selected to attend at the age of five years (or the equivalent for non-human races). Having completed their training, they have just been issued their blue robes and given their first assignment. A typical assignment for an Apprentice might be assisting in a library or assigned as a shipboard mage in the Imperial Navy. Apprentices are not typically assigned as advisers or sages, since they are presumed too inexperienced with practical affairs.

After several years, an Apprentice is eligible for promotion to a full Mage. This requires sponsorship by an existing Mage. Apprentices typically petition a Mage for a sponsorship, which the Mage may either grant immediately or after hearing the Apprentice’s reason they believe him- or herself ready for advancement. Sometimes, Apprentices spend their apprenticeship with a Mage, who will sponsor an Apprentice without petitioning.

It is rare for an Apprentice to spend more than a decade in this position, and most often advancement occurs after three to five years.


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