Pirates of the Expanse

Session 4
A Shocking Revelation and a New Quest

The crew of The Squid returned to Junpaart to report their success to “Gentleman” Johnny Marcone. Marcone was pleased with their work, and informed them he had nothing more for them at the moment, but that he expected them to be available as more work was. Captainn Quin ‘Blood Lung’ agreed.

Session 3
Dice with the Pirate Queen; Aquiring a New Ship

Still reeling from the mysterious assassin’s attack, the crew decided to put out feelers for more work. They were alarmed to hear that “Gentleman” Johnny Marcone was looking for some employees who cost him a lot of money. They decided to head down to Junpaart to see if they could make amends.

Session 2
New Friends and New Enemies

The crew of the squid headed south to The Emerald Isles, where they met a potential new patron named Lord Amov Hallandar. Once shown in, he explained his situation to them in brief: he’d suffered attacks in recent months on his employees. Recently, a ship near his vacation house went missing, and he suspected a leak within his own organization was feeding information to whoever had it in for him.

Session 1
Meet and Greet; a Botched Job

The campaign started in the port city of Blackmire. There, at a hole in the ground called the Sailor’s Dive, Captain Bloodlung and his first mate, Olaf, were looking for a new crew. They met three men who fit the bill: a druid named Fenrir, a mephling warlock named Tal, and a githzerai monk named Midori.


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