Sir Kandor

Scarred but friendly Lieutenant of Mad Molly


Sir Kandor has obviously been in quite a few fights in his life. His face bears probably a dozen scars alone, although it serves to give him a wise, experienced look rather than a grizzled, angry one.

When dressed for war, he wears a suit of plate armor and carries a longsword and shield.

Black knight


Sir Kandor is one of Mad Molly’s longest-serving crew members and among her most loyal. The knight has a relaxing, easygoing demeanor that puts many people at ease. It should come as a surprise to most, then, to know he is a devotee of Erythnul.

The knight once took training as a paladin when he was younger, but at some point converted to the worship of the god of slaughter. He doesn’t speak much of his convictions, which is why they come as a surprise to many, but they are deeply-held. Molly believes that he is loyal to her cause not because of any loyalty to her, but because following her is the best way to spread chaos for Erythnul. She’s not picky, however, since Kandor has proven himself many times over.

Kandor’s relationship to Aenna remains a mystery to even those who know him the closest.

Sir Kandor

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