King Andor

Prince of Turvis and King of the Empire


Race: Human
Residence: The Imperial City

King Andor is a powerful man with his head shaved and a beard he keeps close to his face, both as a symbol of his masculinity and a pragmatic acknowledgement that a long beard is a liability in a close-quarters fight. He’s a powerful man with a commanding aura, yet he can be friendly when he wants to be.


King Andor, formerly Prince Andor of Turvis, is a powerful man who grew up with his people’s warlike traditions. His proud and martial country was conquered by and assimilated into The Royal Empire when he was only a month old, thus denying him his birthright as king.

He grew up as Turvian princes do, learning the arts of statecraft and warfare at the same time to become the ultimate warrior-king. Turvis’s martial traditions and powerful armies have been a boon to the Empire, and they wished to keep the notoriously-proud Turvs in line.

It was then decided, when Prince Andor was thirty years old, that he should be married to Queen Yenasi in order to secure Turvis’ position in the Empire and to bring his country into line. He gladly accepted, proud to claim his birthright not as king of one country, but as king of a globe-spanning empire.

King Andor is known as a fierce man who prefers to solve conflicts with an overwhelming show of force. When this fails, however, he is a masterful tactician, employing strategies that border on genius. His philosophy is that he will never walk into an engagement without a secret ace in the hole, whether it’s a siege brigade the enemy doesn’t know about or a team of sappers ready to collapse a critical bridge.

This attitude carries into his personal and political dealings, where he often walks into talks with an ace up his sleeve. People who underestimate him either as a spoiled yuppie or brainless meathead will almost certainly rue their mistake later.

Like his queen, few have ever seen their king in person or in depiction. Since Andor’s face doesn’t even appear on Imperial coinage, only a student of politics would even be able to pick him out of a crowd.

Andor and Yenasi tend to ignore each other in their personal lives, appearing in public to be perfectly pleasant together in a courtly, dispassionate way. Like most royal marriages, however, they have very little interest in each other and tend to go their separate ways. Andor spends much of the time away from the Imperial City on business.

Andor has fathered two children by Yesani: Prince Jurden and Princess Caopi. Jurden is five years older than Caopi.

King Andor

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