Ilnor the Wise


Omniscient Ilnor the Wise has been alive for hundreds of years and seen nearly everything the world has to show, which gives him an intimidating presence. He prefers to dress in red with silver or gold edging, leaving no doubt that he is in command. His hair is long and white-blond, and his eyes lack irises or pupils, and are now pure white orbs in his head.

His exact age is unclear, but he has begun the transition into the afterlife, beginning to “glow” and seeming almost translucent at times. Though this is normal for elves who live beyond six centuries, it is still unnerving.


Exactly how long Omniscient Ilnor has been alive is unclear, as who knew him when he was young is long deceased. The elven wizard received his training as a Crown Mage, and passed through it with flying colors. He rose to the rank of Illuminated Master, then to Elder, and was chosen as Omniscient when Queen Yenasi began her reign a hundred years ago.

He was the obvious choice for the job: his list of accomplishments is impressive even for an Elder. Legends surround his exploits, from a spell duel with a lich over a river of boiling lava in the Nine Hells to his discovery of the secret to making intelligent constructs.

Omniscient Ilnor serves his king and queen faithfully, always showing nothing but respect to them and providing wise counsel. It is obvious, however, that they (especially King Andor) are equally respectful of him, since a mage as ancient and powerful as him is easily a force to lay waste to entire cities.

Ilnor the Wise is easily the most powerful mortal mage in existence, and the Crown Mages consider themselves lucky to have him leading them. Long after he has passed from life, the world will tell tales of his accomplishments and study his theorems.

Ilnor the Wise

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