Newest member of Bloodlung's crew.


Carondra is a rare beauty. Long, dark hair falls around her beautiful features, and she moves with lithe, seductive grace. When she speaks, her accent betrays her origins: she is from the mainland Empire instead of one of the colonies.

In terms of personality, Carondra is driven and resourceful. Despite being quite attractive, she prefers to achieve her goals through her own hard work and cunning. Her time spent in Marcone’s employ has served to make her more comfortable in flirting and using her sexuality to get what she wants, as well as killing the youthful innocence she had coming to the new land.

She’s done some growing up in recent months, and now carries herself with the practiced air of someone who’s used a sword to defend their life. She dresses in a duelist’s garb, concealing a lightweight mithral shirt beneath an overshirt and wearing a rapier openly.


Carondra, like many idealistic citizens of the Empire, came to the colonies seeking a fresh start and a new life. And, like many such idealists, found nothing but poverty and debt waiting for her. Shortly after arriving, she found herself deeply in debt to “Gentleman” Johnny Marcone.

With no way of paying off the money she owed, she was soon forced into prostitution under one of Marcone’s employees. While she could theoretically earn money to buy her freedom, she was charged room and board while in his employ, thus ensuring that she would never leave the gentleman’s service.

Staino peasant

It was after several months of what was essentially slavery, she hatched a plan to win her freedom. She knew if she could get to her aunt and uncle up north in Flundspoor, she could start a new life with them.

She contacted the crew of the Squid and requested that they transport a crate to her aunt and uncle. In truth, the crate contained herself and a month’s worth of food. Her plan was to discreetly move herself up north, with no one being the wiser.

When she was discovered, to her great relief, they agreed to transport her the rest of the way, even going so far as to misdirect a retrieval attempt by Captain Haiden and his crew.

Upon their successful arrival, Carondra met with her aunt and uncle, who expressed their greatest gratitude towards her saviors.

How Carondra spent the last few months is a mystery, but she was recently encountered by the crew of the Screeching Raven in Blackmire. She was hired quickly by Captain Bloodlung after acquitting herself well in a duel with Olaf. She has experience swordfighting, sailing, and knows how to operate a ballista.


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