Warforged butler.


“Captain Bloodlung. So that’s what my horoscope meant about fire and screaming today.”

Race: Warforged
Residence: Junpaart

As a butler in “Gentleman” Johnny Marcone’s employ, Austelle demonstrates the same impeccable style and cool reserve. The warforged is rarely seen without a suit, custom-made to fit on its armored frame. Despite its mask-like facing being emotionless, it still manages to give off an air of cold disdain for its surroundings.


Austelle never talks about its background, although it’s suspected that Johnny Marcone had it commissioned, accounting for its loyalty to the crime lord.

The warforged is cold and dispassionate at all times, fulfilling its duties as a butler without a hitch and serving as Marcone’s personal emissary when he needs someone he can trust on the field. Austelle regards everyone except the Gentleman with utter contempt. The typical way it has for expressing its displeasure is with scornful sarcasm and dry remarks.

The only person the warforged shows respect to is its employer. Marcone has hinted, however, that Austelle’s disparaging commentary might be due to some kind of respect his minion holds for the crew of the Raven.


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