• Captainn Quin 'Blood Lung'

    Captainn Quin 'Blood Lung'

    The Captian of the nutorious adventurers of The Screaching Raven wing ship
  • Erebos Shadow's Hand

    Erebos Shadow's Hand

    A Swordsage You Will Never See or Hear
  • Faeryl Loretheon

    Faeryl Loretheon

    This Elven female has silver hair and fair skin, which to the watchful eye takes a purplish tint in the right light
  • Fenrir Esjborn

    Fenrir Esjborn

    Druid of the Northern Seas
  • Olaf Odinson

    Olaf Odinson

    "He was trapped between a raging barbarian and a voracious predator... Scratch that; he was trapped between two voracious predators."
  • Tal Windwalker

    Tal Windwalker

    water mephling warlock