Pirates of the Expanse

Session 2

New Friends and New Enemies

The crew of the squid headed south to The Emerald Isles, where they met a potential new patron named Lord Amov Hallandar. Once shown in, he explained his situation to them in brief: he’d suffered attacks in recent months on his employees. Recently, a ship near his vacation house went missing, and he suspected a leak within his own organization was feeding information to whoever had it in for him.

He asked the crew to investigate his missing ship, find out who on earth could possibly be attacking his men.

The crew set sail immediately. After a day of sailing, they discovered a derelict ship floating aimlessly on the currents. Investigation revealed a truly unusual situation: no signs of life, as if everyone had suddenly jumped ship all at once. The only corpse aboard was the captain, who appeared to have slit his own throat.

The cargo of silk was intact, however, so the crew began moving it over to their own ship. As they did so, Fenrir decided to investigate the ocean floor. There he found what had wiped out the crew: some kind of ghastly specter haunted the ocean floor, wandering aimlessly. Upon spotting him, she let out a hideous scream and began pursuing him.

Fenrir high-tailed it back to the ship, arriving just in time to alert the party to the incoming danger before the ghost arrived. She was defeated without too much damage to the party, and they continued onward without wanting to investigate the area further.

When they arrived at Hallandar’s vacation house on the southern end of a small jungle island, they found the place abandoned. Moving in to investigate, they saw a figure moving behind the far side of the building. When they went to follow them, they were ambushed by a drow sniper watching the side of the house. Olaf sliced him clean in half, and the group was left wondering why on earth drow were there.

Moving into the actual mansion, they discovered that the servants had been murdered in their beds. On the second floor, they met one person who was still alive: a pale, beautiful elf woman who was looking out the window as they approached.

Elf killer

When they moved closer to speak with her, she turned, allowing one look at her face before she leapt out the window and took off into the jungle. The party gave pursuit, and thus the harrowing journey began.

The elf led them through the jungle for five hours with snipers harrying them the entire way. After killing a drow team consisting of a sniper and several rogues, they continued onward, following the elf’s trail via Fenrir’s scent ability.

At the conclusion of five hours, however, the elf’s tracks simply stopped with no sign of where she had gone. Fenrir was livid and Tal enamored with the mysterious woman. Bloodlung sent a message to the crew they had left aboard the Squid, ordering them to meet them around the northern side of the island.

They returned to The Emerald City and were debriefed by Hallandar. He was concerned by the news that drow agents had taken an interest in his operations, but thanked the crew for their work, despite being unable to locate his missing ship. He offered a place to hide in his manor if ever they needed one, since the Empire’s reach doesn’t extend as far south as the Emerald Isles, and he’s gone to great lengths to magically ward his home.

The crew thanked him and sailed northward, making port in Junpaart. There, Tal was approached by a pretty but nervous-looking girl named Carondra. She asked them if they could move a sensitive package north to her aunt and uncle in Flundspoor, no questions asked. Tal introduced her to the captain, where she gave him her terms: she would leave a crate by the docks that evening, and they were to take it north immediately and discreetly. She assured them that her uncle could pay them.

Smelling something funny but still willing, Captain Bloodlung agreed, and they found the package waiting for them that evening. Despite agreeing to “no questions asked,” they were curious and ran a few magical scans. In the end, Bloodlung’s detect thoughts revealed the presence of a living (and terrified) human inside, praying they wouldn’t be caught.

Despite the deal being a tad fishier than initially agreed, the captain decided to neglect telling the crew of his findings and told them to bring it aboard. As they were leaving, a group of men came onto the docks, obviously looking for the package they had just taken.

That night, Bloodlung and Olaf went down into the hold and opened up the box to find none other than Carondra herself hiding in the box with a month’s supply of food. They had a little chat in which she confessed everything, explaining her situation and her plan. Bloodlung and Olaf agreed to honor their agreement, even keeping her location a secret from the rest of the crew.

The next day, they were overtaken by a ship called the Kraken. Its captain, Captain Haiden approached with two of his officers and coldly demanded that they hand Carondra over. Bloodlung was able to successfully bluff him out, and Haiden left suspiciously.

The journey was long, but they finally arrived in Flundspoor, where Carondra’s aunt and uncle were overjoyed to see her. They gave the crew a modest reward and offered to put them up in an upscale hotel called Madame Ona’s.

The crew accepted and settled in for a comfortable stay. When they came to their room that evening, however, there was someone waiting for them. The same pale, beautiful elf they had seen on the island.

Bloodlung attempted to speak to her, but she instead bared steel and charged across the room. Midori reached out to grab her and was stabbed for his trouble. She easily danced past him, swinging her scimitar at Bloodlung, who blocked it. Unfazed, she continued moving past him, hamstringing him in the process and sending him tumbling to the floor. Her sword had some kind of life-draining property, as both Midori and Bloodlung were looking pale after being struck.

Olaf gave his mighty berserker roar and charged into battle, swinging his massive greatsword. The elf was surprised and overpowered, and Olaf scored a surprise attack across her face, the force of which broke her jaw.

Smiling a bloody, broken smile, the assassin turned her attention on Olaf, swinging her scimitar high for him to block, and then stepping inside his reach so their bodies were pressed against one another. She looked up into his eyes, smiled venomously, and exploded in a cloud of choking black smoke. She was gone.

With the exception of the still-enamored Tal, the entire crew was livid. Bloodlung swore he would kill the bitch as he stood unsteadily on his injured leg. Madame Ona came in after hearing the commotion, and immediately took charge, sending her staff to fetch a doctor and call the guard.

The crew of the Squid weren’t sure what was going on, but they knew they’d stumbled onto something significant.



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